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After completing the necessary collision repair to your vehicle, our goal is to deliver it to you in better condition than it was before the accident happened. Every vehicle that leaves our shop is thoroughly detailed before it is picked up.  We will put our detailing services up against the most well known “Detail Only” shops in Colorado!

Good detail shops and car cleaning companies in Colorado regularly charge $200 or more for services that we offer complimentary with every collision repair. Our service includes:

  • Hand wash complete exterior
  • Scrub & dress wheels & tires
  • Scrub wheel wells
  • Dress all exterior raw plastics
  • Hand polish all non repair related surface scratches & imperfections
  • Steam Clean all carpets
  • Steam all non leather seats
  • Dress and protect plastic and leather interior surfaces
  • Sanitize all interior surfaces
  • Steam engine bay

We stand proudly behind the work and services we provide. This is why we extend a written lifetime warranty on all vehicle repairs we complete. 

What we do

Our technicians regularly participate in ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest repair practices, manufacturer guidelines, and new model information.

We have invested over a million dollars in the latest and most technologically advanced automotive repair equipment and tooling in the world.

We specialize in all aspects of auto body repair. Minor aesthetic fender and bumper repair, dent repair and removal, scratch repair, front or rear end collisions, all the way up to severely damaged non drivable vehicles, we do it all.

We exclusively use water-based PPG paint material. Not only is this much better for the environment than traditional paint produced used in the repair industry, it is also the brand chosen by more vehicle manufacturers than any other to paint their cars at the factory.

We provide our clients a superior product while being environmentally responsible.

Repairing today’s vehicles is more high tech than ever.

Each and every vehicle we repair is scanned with a three dimensional imaging tool that allows us to see what the naked eye cannot.

We believe this is critical to maintaining the same level of safety that your vehicle had the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Safety and reliability is always our first priority when deciding whether or not a structural component is able to be repaired or replaced. This is why we proudly complete all repairs of this type using Car-O-Liner structural equipment.

Car-O-Liner equipment is of the highest quality that Germany has to offer and is required by most manufacturers in order to be part of the OEM Certification program. 

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Truck Body Collision Repair Denver

99% of the cars on the road are categorized as  “unibody vehicles”. This means that the “frame” and the body are one structure.

However, trucks and many full size SUV’S retain a traditional steel frame which is two steel members that run the length of the body support the engine and suspension components.

On modern vehicles, when significant damage occurs to this type of structure, full replacement may be required as the metals used to make the part are extremely rigid and cannot be safely straightened. 

The process is detail oriented and requires a highly experienced technician to ensure that everything is exactly how it was.

It is common for vital mechanical components to get damaged in car accidents. Damage to your vehicle’s engine cooling system, suspension, and air conditioning are the most frequent occurrences.

Regardless of the issue, rest assured our ASE certified mechanics will locate and repair any damage to these complex systems.

Did you know that the average late model vehicle contains over 100 supercomputers? These powerful chips are responsible for absolutely every electronic function of your car, truck, or SUV. In the event of a collision or car accident, this network of devices needs to be thoroughly scanned and inspected for damage.

One of the most important processes that occurs in an auto body shop is programming and calibration of the onboard computer systems. Safety is the most important part of our job and we have invested in the latest and greatest technology available to ensure that your vehicle will keep you and your family safe when it is picked up from our facility.

We are registered with Tesla and have completed their verification process to be able to repair all modes of Tesla vehicles, and order parts for Tesla vehicles.

Completing flawless body repairs and paint work on our beloved Mercedes Sprinters and the like requires very specialized training, equipment, and facility.

We have specialized clean rooms for Sprinter Repairs, and a state of the art paint department engineered to accommodate the Mercedes Sprinter.

We have an entire department dedicated to repairing & painting tall vehicles as well as specific tooling and equipment